Branding for the Turkish extension of Austrian company Elk, which is the Europe's biggest prefabricated building producer. It was a project from FourByNorth Studio. I have designed the visual identity as well as a brochure for the product. Its slogan "Değişen dünya, değişen yapılar." means "Changing world, changing buildings."




The buildings produced by the company are highly flexible and could be customized for any needs. The main idea behind the identity design comes from the notion of "morphosis". I designed the identity to present a high-end product and service to be sold in Turkey. The logo is created with simple architectural forms. Diagonal lines are used to achieve maximum dynamism.



Color Palette

The product is made of 90% natural materials, mostly wood. It is important to reflect its environmental friendly aspect. It is also a new product with a new technology in Turkey so this unique color palette is for nature, luxury and youth.









The pattern emphasizes the idea of flexibility and morphosis echoing the logo. It is derived from the most basic architectural unit "square" so that it can create a feeling of morphosis in the context of architecture.









The purpose of the brochure was to introduce the product, the identity as well as the company. I created an architectural layout but since I designed the whole brochure, I could appropriately break the layout as well to better convey the essence of the product. While there is a literal story that is flowing from beginning to the end, the visual layout is also consistently evolving on its grid in order to evoke excitement as parallel with the content.







Since the product has a lot of advantages over the traditional construction, there are many facts and numbers to display about the product. I used mostly typographic and photographic infographics to make the end user not only understand it but also feel it




Additional Infos and Facts Page





Infographics Showing the Company Growth




Map Showing the Locations of all the Sales Distributors & Representatives 



I hope you liked it.