Nuh "Noah"
History Comes Alive

I created the Turkish wine brand NUH (meaning "Noah") for my graduation project at Bilkent University. 

Historically, Mt. Ararat is considered a possible birthplace of wine. The biblical accounts of Noah indicates that after the flood, he planted a vineyard near the area where the ark landed. This area is presumed to be near the town of Elazıg by the Euphrates river in Turkey where wine is still being produced today.

I have used this historical link between wine and the important region in Turkey to create the brand Nuh for Turkish wine which includes wine from the most popular regions in Turkey.

2012 / Bilkent University




Regional Motifs
Representing the Regional Wine

Today's land of Turkey has been home to many civilizations throughout the history. Traces of some of the earliest settlements can be found in Turkey. This rich past also brings a history full of art and craft. However, what is interesting to me here is that in this rich history of art and craft, we can see the use of common motifs in the same regions and affection among neighbor regions. In my research, I found out the most significant motifs used in the regions of the most popular wines in Turkey and used them on the wine bottles representing the regional wine as a sort of regional identities.